Our Team is formed by a team of international advisers

We speak both Spanish and English and travel regularly to visit our clients in their countries of residence.

We also work in collaboration with professional legal and international associate firms in the different jurisdictions.

Konsilia team is committed to the principles and practices of Social Responsibility and Gender equality

Xavier Nova

Managing Director, partner.

Xavier is the Managing partner of Konsilia’s international operations since 2010, including the establishment and administration of the offices in UK, Hong Kong and Qatar. In addition to his role as MD of the group, he works as Global Adviser and supports the establishment and management of our key clients operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. With over 20 years of international experience, Xavier has worked in Spain, India and the USA in a variety of turn-key projects, ranging from international business development to complete group restructuring and NGOs.

Mercedes Bellavista

Project Manager and head of International Assignments

Mercedes has developed most of her career with international companies in Spain and the USA. She works in Konsilia since 2008, where she started as International Assignments Department Manager, working with a variety of clients related to Spanish residency. She is currently the project manager for key accounts in Spain, UK and Switzerland, and responsible for the Spanish residency matters.

Eva De Francisco

Professional Services Director

Eva has worked for over 25 years internationally, in the USA, México, UK, Qatar and Spain, in the areas of Finance, Administration and Project Management. She is Konsilia’s professional services director, supervising the tax, accounting and legal professionals and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Del Canto Chambers

Konsilia is formed by a team of international advisers

Del Canto Chambers is our preferred Firm for all international tax and legal advice. With offices in London and Madrid, the Chambers operations extend to Middle East, Hong Kong and Latinamerica.

Leon F Del Canto, its principal, is a qualified UK barrister and Spanish Abogado (lawyer) and its practices is regulated by the Bar Council in England and Wales and the Colegio de Abogados in Madrid. He has acted for over 300 property transactions in Spain and wrote the book How to buy your home in Spain, published by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003

The Chambers’ page can be visited at www.delcantochambers.com

International Associates

Bait Al Mashura – Islamic Finance (QA)

United Kingdom
Lawdit Solicitors (UK): Legal Firm

Hong Kong
La Nao Hong Kong (HKG): Legal and Accounting Firm