Konsilia is a registered EU Trademark

The word comes from the Latin noun “Consilia”, meaning Counsel.
It is spelt with a [K] to reflect the international nature of the Firm.

Consilia means guidance & advice:


Consilium.- Latin

Konsilo.- Esperanto

Konseho.- Tagalog


Kunsill.- Maltese

Counsel.- English

Comhairle.- Irish

Conselho.- Portuguese

Council.- Icelandic

Cobet.- Russian

Consejo.- Spanish

Conseil.- French

Consiglio.- Italian

Consiliu.- Roman

Volikogu.- Estonian

Consell.- Catalan

Cyngor.- Welsh

Consello.- Galician

Këshilli.- Albanian

Vijehe.- Croatian

Consilia, the plural of the Latin noun Consilium, means guidance and advice. The use of Consilia referring to legal counsel dates back to the XI Century in Bologna, Italy. The Consilia were collections of legal opinions by the Glossators (Medieval legal scholars) expanding on the meaning of the ancient Roman Law collections.

We use the letter [K] in lieu of [C] as the [k] phoneme represents in all languages the correct pronunciation of the letter [C] in Consilia. We transcript Consilia as Konsilia in accordance with the International Phonetic Alphabet. On the topic of sound, the [Ko] syllable in Sanskrit is associated with Jupiter, the archetype of Counsel and Wisdom in most Indo-European cultures, including India, Greece and Rome.

Thus, we consider that Konsilia, both by meaning and phonetics, embodies the attributes we strive to represent in our practice and profession.