Golden VISA – Investor’s VISA

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Check if you are eligible to apply Golden VISA – Investor’s VISA You can fill out the form fields and we will get back to you. If you meet the requirements listed above, you are eligible to apply for the Spanish Golden Visa.

The information you provide in the ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY FORM will help us to assess if you are eligible to apply. Normally, applications for golden visa – investors residency, if complying with requirements, are only denied in extreme cases, such as criminal record or money laundering. Nonetheless, the final decision and approval lies fully on the Spanish Immigration and Consular authorities. Therefore, please be advised that although your suitability to apply for the Spanish Residency maximizes your chances of approval and most cases are approved, it does not guarantee the final approval.

Also feel welcome to download the questionary here in pdf format

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1) Are you citizen of a EU State, of the European Economic Space or Switzerland, or family member of a national of any of these countries?

2) Are you of legal age (over 18)?

3) Have you ever entered or stayed irregularly in Spanish territory?

4) Have you committed any crime in Spain or in the countries where you have resided for the last five years?

5) Have you ever been refused entry in any of the Schengen countries or in any other country with a valid agreement with Spain?

6) Are you able to undertake a private health insurance with an authorized company to operate in Spain for you and relevant family members?

7) Do you or any immediate member of your family seeking residence have a contagious disease that could have serious repercussions on the public health, as per the International Health Regulation 2005?

8) Are you able to invest in Spain on any of the following and can provide proof of it to initiate the application process?
Capital Investment (through at least one of following):
− Purchase of real estate of at least 500.000€
− Stock share of Spanish companies of at least 1.000.000€
− Bank deposits in Spanish financial entities of at least 1.000.000€
− Spanish Treasury Bonds of at least 2.000.000€
Other types of investments:
− Business Projects in Spain approved as general interest
− Highly qualified professionals and researchers
− Intra-company employees transfers

9) Do you have sufficient financial means of subsistence to live in Spain without having to develop any kind o lucrative activity to cover your living personal expenses, as well as of the immediate members of your family2 seeking residence, during the residence period in Spain?

(Minimum 26.000 euros per year for the applicant and minimum 7.000 Euros for each additional immediate family member).

10) If you are married, can you provide official proof of marriage and family?

11) Are you able to invest in Spain as described in section “Who Can Apply” and provide proof of it to initiate the application process?

12) If buying a property in Spain, will you be able to pay the applicable taxes and purchasing costs (additional 11-12% on top of minimum investment)?

13) Briefly explain the reasons why you wish to apply for Spanish Residency