Easier than ever to obtain the Spanish Golden Visa


As of July 2015 subtle changes in Spanish law have made it easier and faster than ever for investors to obtain the Golden Visa. The types of investments to qualify for the Investor Visa include:

  1. Acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of € 500,000.

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The acquisition can be made directly or using a company registered in a country with double tax treaty agreements with Spain.

  1. Investment of € 2 million in Spanish government bonds; € 1 million in shares of Spanish companies; € 1 million euros in investment funds, closed-ended investment funds or private investment (venture capital/private equity) funds incorporated in Spain; or deposit of € 1 million in a Spanish bank account.

At Konsilia we can advise on which of these options better suits the needs of each individual investor

  1. Projects of general interest, in terms of relevant socioeconomic impact in the region, scientific and/or technologic innovation. This visa is granted subject to supporting documentation of any of these conditions.

However the paperwork to prove that a project really is of general interest may be complex to obtain. At Konsilia we can offer the best counsel and also help you work this out.

It is important to mention that while the general requirements for entry or residence as set by the EU Regulations still apply (i.e. criminal record clearance, insurance cover,sufficient economic resources), residence permits are now granted not only to applicants fulfilling the required conditions, but also to all dependent family members, understood to be the applicant’s spouse or cohabitating partner, children under 18, children aged 18 years or over who remain dependent on the applicant’s financial support and who have not formed an independent family unit, and dependent ascendants. Finally, all these individuals are eligible for reunification and may apply for their visa either, jointly, simultaneously with the applicant or subsequently.

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