Iran`s future is looking bright

Doubtlessly Iran has a lot to look forward to ever since the international trade sanctions were lifted last week. Perhaps the most immediate benefit will be the unfreezing of assets abroad, worth anything between $32 billion and $60 billion, depending on the source of information. Apparently it is  Iran`s  plan to spend a lot of this money… Continue reading

Dudley Estates and Konsilia: real estate opportunities and investors’ Golden Visa

Charlotte Rodriguez Dudley, in partnership with Konsilia, has recently launched Dudley Estates S.L., an exclusive international property company aimed at providing a highly personalized and discreet service to clients at all levels. The website http://www.dudley-estates.comcontains detailed information on exclusive properties.  Investors are welcomed to visit the website and access the high networth investment portfolios available,… Continue reading

Spanish government makes it easier for investors to obtain the Golden Visa

Spanish Act 14/2013 of 27th September was issued to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization, introducing a new type of visa and residence permit for qualified immigration, in order to promote the international mobility of professionals and executives and, most importantly, attract foreign investment. However, it seems that since this new type of visa and residence… Continue reading

Golden visa: A boost for Spanish economy and an attractive incentive for foreign investors

The increasing number of foreign investments in Spain confirms that the Golden Visa scheme set up by the Spanish government has become an attractive incentive for foreign investors to invest in Spain. The Spanish economy has attracted 2,173 million euros thanks to the Golden Visa.   During 2013, the year the Golden Visa scheme entered… Continue reading

Spain is appealing to foreign investors

In case there was any doubt of the increasing appeal of Spain to foreign investors, we now know that in the first half of 2015 foreign purchases in Spain have reached nearly the same high as in the entire of 2014. In July alone there have been international transactions totaling 5165.5 million euros. In this… Continue reading

Buying property in Spain? Avoid tax extorsion!

In Spain, property buyers must pay sales tax on the property, known as Impuesto de Transmisiones  Patrimoniales (ITP). It is paid as a percentage of the value of the house although the exact figure varies depending on what type of property is being bought and what región of the country it is located. Since the… Continue reading

Huffington Post Arabi hires Spanish firm Del Canto Chambers

The Huffington Post has recently launched its Arabic edition. The launch is the result of nearly two years of negotiations managed by the firm DelCantoChambers in London, which has solved the complexities of launching an media such as the Huffington Post simultaneously in 20 Arab countries with different legislation.   Commenting on the launch, the… Continue reading

Time to review corporate structures to own property in Spain

The Spanish Tax Agency is taking a very broad interpretation of the Wealth Tax (Impuesto de Patrimonio) regulations as applicable to Trusts, as they are considered transparent or look-trough entities. This will affect Spanish property owners using corporate structures owned ultimately by a Trust. It has been common practice for a variety of reasons such… Continue reading