Time to review corporate structures to own property in Spain

The Spanish Tax Agency is taking a very broad interpretation of the Wealth Tax (Impuesto de Patrimonio) regulations as applicable to Trusts, as they are considered transparent or look-trough entities. This will affect Spanish property owners using corporate structures owned ultimately by a Trust. It has been common practice for a variety of reasons such… Continue reading

Driving in Spain

There is a lot to be said about driving in Spain. Most importantly, that it has excellent roads reaching almost every corner of the country, and that the compelling landscape makes driving a pleasure to the senses. But there are many things one should know beforehand. For example, a foreigner under 18 with a driving… Continue reading

UAE nationals exempt from visa for short stays in EU

With a view to further develop friendly relations between the European Union and the United Arab Emirates, last month both parties signed an agreement that will facilitate travel from one territory to the other by ensuring visa-free entry and short stay for their citizens. It was the past 20th of April that the European Parliament… Continue reading